Gold CEO

Dear Michelob Ultra,

I originally wrote a 500 word application letter instead of a 500 character (I’m sure I wasn’t the only one). Here it is…

Hello! My name is Mákete.  

The short story: mountain climber, photographer, environmental scientist, wildlife researcher, musician, audio producer, storyteller, writer, laugher, traveler, teacher, mentor, and eternal student.

The longer story: I’ve traveled the world exploring wild places, making music, making friends, and taking epic photos.  I’m a professional wildlife researcher/conservationist, international touring musician, and outdoor educator.  I have a love of all things wild, a dedication to kindness, a lightness of being, and a penchant for adventure and interpersonal connection.  My mission in this life is to inspire and be inspired, to walk trails of beauty and splendor, and to leave trails of goodness wherever I roam.  

I feel that this CEO position is perfectly catered to the life I already live.  I have spent years working, living, and exploring in National Parks and Wildernesses.  I have lived the “van life” (including Class B RV’s) in NZ, Aus, and the US.  I feel I have been training for this job for the past 17 years, and I welcome this opportunity with great enthusiasm.  

I have a strong affinity for nature photography and videography.  After thousands of trail miles and hundreds of peaks and canyons, I’ve not only developed an eye for the perfect shot, but I also have the experience and fitness that allows me to reach stunning vistas (on and off trail).  I often stay out until after sunset–marveling at the vivid lightscape of evening, and hoping to capture images that can properly express the grande magnificence of it all.   

My love of nature is more than just a passion.  It’s also a profession.  I have a Masters in Environmental Science.  Since 2004, I have done research and conservation work with grizzlies, wolves, lynx, and amphibians in the Northern Rockies–and I have worked with lions, cheetahs, wild dogs, and hyenas in Zambia.  I have also done geology research, and worked professionally as an outdoor educator/mentor with kids.  

I highly value and enjoy sharing my experiences on social media.  It allows me to connect with the global community, and it offers others the chance to connect with places they have never seen, or may never get to see in person.  This is not only enjoyable, but also beneficial on deeper levels.  For one, a beautiful image (and caption/story) has the power to positively transform a person’s day–or life!  And from a conservation standpoint, people are exponentially more likely to support a cause that they feel personally connected to.  Although this connection may often come from direct experience, in this age, it can just as easily arise from seeing an inspiring post.  

National Parks are precious gems, and they mean the world to me.  Their beauty, wildness, and grandeur are life-enhancing.  I am thrilled to know that Michelob supports the National Park Fund, and is taking steps to cultivate awareness towards the preservation of these special places.  I would love nothing more than to be your new CEO.    

Massive thanks for your time and consideration!  



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